Yogyakarta – Compilation of Attractions’ Entrance Fee and Miscellaneous Cost

There is just so much to see in the culturally rich city of Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta). Unsurprisingly, most of the attractions there require an entrance fee. In this post, I’ve compiled the entrance fees and opening hours of some of the major and minor attractions of Yogyakarta as well as the activities offered at each attraction. Rates may vary according to season. Prices written are in Indonesian Rupiah(IDR), United States Dollar(USD) and Singapore Dollar(S$). Hope this helps!

Borobudur Temple

A 9th-Century Buddhist temple, which is also the world’s largest. A trip to Yogyakarta is incomplete without a visit to this magnificent temple. Borobudur Temple is also a UNESCO world heritage site, which attracts millions of visitors every year.

Borobudur Entrance Fee:

Adult – IDR 337,500 (USD25 or S$33.75)

Student (With student ID) or Children – IDR 202,500 (USD15 or S$20.25)

Opening Hours: 6am – 5pm

Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Photo Credit: Klook’s Borobudur Sunrise Tour

A sunrise tour that can only be booked through Hotel Manohara, the tour grants you special early access into Borobudur at 4.30am and it does not come cheap.

Borobodur Sunrise Tour Price: IDR 450,000 (USD34 or S$45)

Tour Timing: 4.30am – 9.30am

Prambanan Temple

Indonesia’s largest Hindu temple. Similar to Borobudur, Prambanan is also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The temple was in complete ruins due to earthquakes until reconstruction started in 1937. Till date, reconstruction is still ongoing as there are still piles of rubble surrounding the reconstructed temples, awaiting restoration.

Prambanan Temple Entrance Fee:

Adult – IDR 337,500 (USD25 or S$33.75)

Student (With student ID) or Children – IDR 202,500 (USD15 or S$20.25)

Opening Hours: 6am – 5pm

Combined Ticket for Borobudur & Prambanan:

Adult – IDR 540,000

Student (With student ID) or Children – IDR 405,000 (USD30 or S$40.50)

Mendut & Pawon Temple

Mendut and Pawon Temple has a mutual religious relationship with Borobudur, though the actual ritual process is still unknown. The three temples lie in a straight line, and every year during Vesak Day, Buddhists walk from Mendut temple to Borobudur to mark Buddha’s birthday.

Mendut & Pawon Temple Entrance Fee: IDR 3,500 (USD0.25 S$0.35)

Opening Hours: 7am – 7pm

Bukit Barede

A cheaper alternative for viewing the sunrise in Yogyakarta. A climb to the summit of Bukit Barede (Barede Hill) takes up only 10 minutes. From the top of the hill, you will be able to view the magnificent Mount Merapi as the sun rises.

Bukit Barede Entrance Fee: IDR 30,000 (USD2.3 or S$3)

Costs of Climbing Up Tree House Platform: IDR 50,000 (USD3.75 or S$5)

Opening Hours: 4am – 5pm

Taman Sari Water Castle

Taman Sari Water Castle is the former royal garden of the sultan of Yogyakarta, which is located right beside the Kraton Sultan Palace. There are 4 main things to see at Taman Sari – The bathing complex, Summer Gumuling(Underground mosque), the underground tunnels and the concubines’ area. Be sure to get your cameras ready at this picturesque attraction!

Taman Sari Water Castle Entrance Fee: IDR 15,000 (USD1.10 or S$1.50)

Opening Hours: 9am – 3pm

Kraton Sultan Palace

Built in the 18th century, the Kraton Sultan Palace is a fine example of Javanese palace architecture. The facade of the building has a beautiful mixture of Asian, Indian and lastly European designs which were added in the early 20th century. The current Yogyakarta’s sultan still resides in this palace; hence many areas are out of bounds for visitors.

Kraton Sultan Palace Entrance Fee: IDR 15,000 (USD1.10 or S$1.50)

Camera Permit: IDR 1,000 (USD0.07 or S$0.10)

Opening Hours:

8.30am – 2pm on Saturday to Thursday

8.30am – 1pm on Friday

Parangkusumo Sand Dunes

Formed by the movement of the wind, the Parangkusumo Sand Dunes resembles a hill made of black fine sand. For adventure seekers, remember to try out some sand boarding from the top of the dunes!

Sandboard Rental: IDR 100,000 (USD7.50 or S$10)

Parangtritis Beach

The closest beach to Yogyakarta, and also the most popular, Parangtritis Beach is a favourite of both locals and tourists alike. There are a variety of activities to do at this beach – kite flying, horse riding, ATV and for the adrenaline junkies, paragliding.

Parangtritis Beach Entrance Fee: IDR 7,500 (USD0.55 or S$0.75)

Kite: IDR 30,000 (USD2.25 or S$3)

Horse Cart Rental: IDR 50,000 (USD3.75 or S$5)

Horse Riding: IDR 50,000 (USD3.75 or S$5)

20 Minutes ATV Rental: IDR 50,000 (USD3.75 or S$5)

Paragliding: IDR 500,000 (USD37.50 or S$50)

Jomblang Cave

Photo Credit: Klook

Witness the so-called heaven’s light in Yogyakarta inside Jomblang Cave. Of course, the spectacular view does not come easy as one is required to rappel 50m downwards from the roof of the cave.

Cave Exploration Tour: IDR 450,000 (USD33.75 or S$45)

Klook’s Jomblang Cave + Prambanan Tour: USD60.50 or S$80.30

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*Note: Post updated – 20 January 2018

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