Ultimate Transport Guide: Singapore to Malacca – By Bus, Train, Car or Plane

Malacca/Melaka is a popular destination for Singaporeans looking for a short getaway in neighbouring Malaysia. Malacca is not just a place a rich culture and heritage but good food and lots of experiences as well. Here is a compiled travel guide on how to get to Malacca and enjoy all that it has to offer!

As Malacca is one of the more popular destinations for Singaporeans, most bus operators and tour agencies do offer straight trips there. One might wonder, why bus rides? The reasons are simple:

  1. Malacca has no airport, so the best way to travel there is either bus, or car.
  2. The Singapore to Malacca journey is probably the easiest and most convenient as all you have to do is board the bus. Most bus operators have daily trips from Singapore to Malacca and there are pickup points in both East, West as well as Central locations.

Here are some of the more common bus pickup points in Singapore:

  • Kovan Hub 206
  • Concorde Hotel (Orchard Road)
  • Bugis MRT Exit D
  • Golden Mile Tower
  • Boon Lay
  • Tampines
  • Big Box

Regardless where you stay in Singapore, there are always convenient pickup points that are nearby. Travelling from Singapore to Malacca by bus normally takes between 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic. Taking a bus is probably cheaper compared to renting a car if you are a solo traveller. Also, traffic in Malacca is very congested during the weekends. And as most tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other a bus trip might just turn out better.

Some of the Express buses will even have Wifi or USB charging ports to make the journey even more comfortable. However not all bus operators provide this service so do make sure to check with your bus operator. Probably the downside for taking a bus is that you would have to get off the bus at Woodlands or Tuas Checkpoint for immigration clearance then once more over at the Malaysian Customs. Depending on the crowd, the process might take some time which makes the trip slightly longer than driving in.

Bus Operators from Singapore to Malacca

There are a number of bus operators for this route. The fare from Singapore to Malacca ranges from SGD$13 TO SGD$33 with an average price of SGD$25 on an average day. Most buses rides terminate at Melaka Sentral, a bus/transportation hub located in Malacca. From there you can easily get a taxi or private hire vehicle to the Malacca city centre, for around RM20-25.

(*Subject to change) Schedule from Singapore to Malaysia Bus Operator – Easybook

Do note that for most bus operators, they would require the following:

  • Check/in 30 minutes before departure.
  • No cancellation, change date is allowed, no refunds for unused ticket.
  • Passport validity 6 months above.
  • Malaysia Visa (if required)

Train from Singapore to Malacca

Taking a train to Malacca is not so advisable as there are no direct routes. To travel by train, first you would have to take the KTM train from Woodlands train station to JB Sentral station.

Next, you would have to take the train from JB Sentral to Tampin Station. The second train runs very slowly, and the journey time is around 5 hours. There are two daily scheduled trains from JB Sentral to Tampin at 10 00 a.m and 10.50 p.m so do make sure you do not miss them if you are intending to travel by train. Tickets cost MYR25 for adults and MYR17 for children.

Upon arrival at Tampin station, the town centre of Malacca is still some 40km away. At the railway station, you would have to take a cab, or walk over to the bus station to get a bus into Malacca. Bus no.26 goes towards Malacca central and takes around 45 minutes. If you are taking a cab, do negotiate and settle a price before you enter the cab as some cab drivers here would overcharge you. If you do intend to take the train, remember to book your tickets online directly from the KTM Malaysian Railways website or through an online agent.

Car: Driving from Singapore to Malaysia 

If you have a car, the trip from Singapore to Malacca is a 239 kilometers drive. The fastest and shortest route to get to Malacca from Singapore is via the North-South Expressway (NSE). Depending on your speed, the journey takes about 3hours.

Downloading Google Maps offline onto your phone is recommended so you can use GPS to navigate your way there. Alternatively, just turn on roaming or get a Malaysian SIM card so you won’t lose your way on the highway.

Tips to take note of when you are driving on the highway:

  1. If you find driving 3 hours straight too tiring, there are a couple of Rest and Service Areas. along the North-South Expressway along the wat to Malacca. With comfort rooms, restaurants, and petrol stations, you can easily recharge in the RSAs.
  2. If going over weekend, beat the weekend queue and noon sun heat by leaving early before 7am morning.
  3.  Do keep an eye on speed traps under bridges and have a good night sleep before driving off. There are four RSAs on the way to Malacca – Gelang Patah, Machap, Pagoh, and Ayer Keroh.
  4. Make sure you rest well and drive safely since accidents/breakdowns do happen on the highway often.
  5. Stay safe in Malaysia. Keep your car doors locked when driving and stationary, and keep any expensive belongings hidden from view. Do not leave expensive valuable out on the seats even if it is for a short while, including all electronic devices
  6. Remember to bring your passports and have your driver license ready. Do not be caught for illegal driving especially if you do not have a license.
  7. Get your toll money ready when you are near the booth to pay your tolls. Consider purchasing a Touch and Go card for those who travel often but make sure to keep it topped up so do not jam up the entire queue.
  8. Do not misplace your toll card. You will get fined.
  9. Keep a good playlist and a few candies in the car to prevent the driver from nodding off when driving. Driving on long roads can be tiring and might lead to sleepiness. 
  10. Ensure that you check your vehicle before driving off. Make sure that your petrol tank is three-quarters full before leaving Singapore. Have a bottle of water ready for the radiator, check the air pressure of your tires and make sure that your headlights are working before setting off. This can be rather dangerous at night if it is faulty. 

Singapore to Malaysia by Plane

Melaka International Airport is a small airport and there are not a lot airlines using it. As there are no direct flights from Singapore to Malacca, it is not advisable to travel to Malacca via plane. One way is to fly from Singapore to Penang, and then take a transfer flight from Penang to Malacca which would take a total of 10-13 hours depending on the transfer timing. Do check out Traveloka‘s flights and promotions if you are thinking of taking the plane!

Travelling to and from Malacca Airport to Malacca city centre

Melaka International Airport is around 10km from the city centre and the best way to get there from the airport is by taxi. A trip from the airport to city centre should not cost more than S$5.

To Sum it Up

The best way to travel to Malacca is either by bus or car. Travelling by bus is our recommendation if you are a solo traveler or don’t have a license as you can just rest on your way there and pick up points are available almost island wide. There is nothing to worry about and it is rather cheap. Do take a look at Easybook’s bus schedule as they are one of our favourite booking website for buses to Malaysia. 

Travelling by plane is another option though it is not that recommended as it would cost more and the travelling time is actually more. Of course, if you have your own car and going with your family, you should consider driving up. Just make sure you stay safe and remember to follow their traffic rules when driving there. Happy travelling!

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