Shake Shack in Seoul – Famous NYC Burger Right in Asia

New York City’s famous burger and milkshake chain Shake Shack has opened a few outlets in Asia. Sadly, there are no outlets in Singapore yet.

The restaurant’s famous burgers and milkshakes are popular and raved about by friends returning from overseas, hence we decided to pop by the outlet at Doota Mall for a lunch stop before continuing to shop at the duty-free stores there. This was my first visit and to be honest I really had high expectations of Shake Shack. It was quite crowded, but we managed to snag ourselves a few seats.

Expect to be greeted by this scene when you enter as it is very popular among tourists and locals.

I visited the place twice, once during the late afternoon and the second time at night. Although rather crowded, I managed to get a seat within 5 minutes both times. Unsurprisingly, it was way more crowded at night when I went back. The laid-back atmosphere probably makes it a popular place to have dinner.

You will be greeted by a Korean Staff who hands out the menu. They do have a menu at the side wall near the counter, so you can still change your mind when you go up to order. The wall menu is in Korean, but thankfully they do provide English menus as well. I had the classic Shack Burger (6,900 Won for single, 10,900 Won for double), with Milkshake (5900 Won) and Crinkle Cut Fries (3900 Won).  Might be a little pricy for fast food but well, I was here for the experience and to discover the hype about Shake Shake and their famous Shake Burger.

Place your order at the counter and you will be given a buzzer to announce when the food is ready to be collected!

The staff here can speak limited English there should not be any issue ordering with the help of some hand gestures. They are very friendly and accommodating too!

The meal itself.

Verdict? Making the trip down to Shake Shack for lunch is worth it!

The crinkle cut fries were crispy and delicious, warm and not overcooked. The best thing is that it was not greasy at all. Best eaten with the mustard provided.

The famous milkshake. Very rich in favour and definitely a great drink to complement the meal rather than the usual soft drinks. It is not too sweet as well.

The burger simply melted in my mouth when I took a bite. It is way better compared to other fast food chain’s burgers. One bite and you can tell the stark difference between the quality of the meat used. Topped off with fresh veggies, cheese and the special Shack Sauce, the whole burger was a tasty mix of flavours. It was one of the best burgers I had in Seoul. Shake Shack did not disappoint me at all.

You can even get their merchandise to show that you are a fan.

Overall the burgers were great and was certainly worth the price and the wait. You might wonder why have burgers when you are in Seoul? Well, just pop by any of the Shake Shack outlets and take a bite. I can assure you that you will be back for more. While it may be a bit pricy as compared to other fast food chains, it is really the quality that you are paying for and the reason why it is so famous in the rest of the world.

Shake Shack

Address: Doota Mall 1F #001, Jangchungdanro 275, Jung-Gu, Seoul

Telephone: +82 02-3398-4003

Opening Hours: Hours Monday – Sunday, 10:30am – 11:00pm


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