Having planned a lot of trips without breaking the budget, we have spent quite some time to experience which companies work best and have good deals. All of the following companies have been actually used by us when travelling and provide convenience as well as value for money.

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Probably the most comprehensive and mainstream website when it comes to booking flights. Easy to use and convenient, it compiles the prices of different flights. Just key in your departure and arrival locations and the time period you wish to travel and a list will be generated with the best prices.


Another tool that allows you to compare flight tickets. What is great with Expedia is that if you book flights and hotels together, they provide discounted prices.

If you are looking to travel to Malaysia by bus, look no further than Just select your departure date, arrival and departure destinations and a list will be generated for that entire week. Hassle-free and easy to use, there is no more need for you to head down to tour agencies just to purchase your tickets.



As advocates of budget travel, accommodation is something that can help you save money. Airbnb connects you with homeowners willing to rent out their houses/apartments to you. What is really impressive is that you can find the right apartment for different group sizes and experience living like a local at a way cheaper price compared to a hotel.


Best website for comparing prices for accommodation in Asia. Although we generally use Airbnb often, the cost of hotel stays in certain countries such as Thailand have a similar rate to apartments so that is where Agoda comes in handy. Agoda gets you the best price and frequently offers discounts too.

Another good website for cheap hotels and other accommodation, with a normally cheaper price than booking through hotels themselves. The interface is easy to use as well.

Tour Companies


Our favourite site for booking tours and travel experiences throughout Asia. If you are looking to visit an attraction, do check out Klook first for discounted tickets. Their short tours are highly recommended as they are hassle-free and cheap. Users can gain credits from bookings and reviews which can be used for future purchases. A must-have when touring Asia.


Another company based in Asia that provides discounted travel experiences. Normally if we are looking for an attraction and it does not show up on Klook, we would check here and vice versa.



For travel photographers who use or intend to use drones, consider a DJI. Currently the leading drone manufacturer in the world, a DJI is the brand of choice by many. Consider a Mavic Pro to get those aerial shots of all the places you intend to go to!

Website Hosting


Our website is hosted by Siteground, a highly recommended hosting solution for wordpress. They provide stable and fast service and their support staff are friendly and efficient. There are many hosting sites, but Siteground has impressed us with its consistent results.

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