Highlights of a Day Tour to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Visiting the Cliffs of Moher was one of the places I most looked forward to visiting during my Europe escapade. Often seen on postcards and documentaries, it is one of Ireland’s most famous landmarks. Imagine how my breath was taken away when I saw it in person. Though the photos I took turned out incredible, it doesn’t do any justice to seeing the sheer magnificence of the towering cliffs in person. I was lucky that the weather was forgiving when I visited, with bright sunshine accompanied by a cooling sea breeze.

With no driving license, I had opted for a day tour with Paddywagon, an Ireland tour company. At an affordable price of S$60, the tour starts early in the morning from Dublin, bringing you all the way across to the west to the Cliffs and back.

These are some of the highlights from my Cliff of Moher Tour with PaddyWagon.

Baby Cliffs at The Burren

One of the key highlights is undoubtedly the Baby cliffs. Although not as high as the Cliffs of Moher, it is still impressive. The rock formation overlooking the sea is stunning, with wild flowers sprouting in between the gaps. It has a rugged beauty of its own, providing countless photo opportunities.


Doolin is a small coastal village located on the Atlantic Coast. The Irish village is known as the home to traditional Irish music which can be enjoyed at the bars. Being the closest village to the cliffs of Moher, it was also the lunch stop for the tour.  I had mine at the FitzPatrick’s Bar, one of the three bars in the village. The food was a little pricey, costing around S$30 for a plate of salmon and potato.

Knowing that Guinness originated from Ireland, I had to try it while I was there. I was not expecting much as I’m not a huge fan of stout. To my surprise, the Guinness tasted fruitier and much better than Singapore’s. Stout fresh from the keg definitely tasted better than a canned stout.

After lunch, there was a little time to explore the village. Doolin has got a cheerful, vibrant yet peaceful feel to it, with its cutely painted houses and vast fields of green beyond the walls of the village.

Bunratty Castle

The following photo stop of the tour is the Bunratty Castle. While I did not get a chance to tour the interior of the Castle, walking the castle grounds gazing at the exterior was satisfying enough. Located in the Fishing Village of Kinvara, there is also a gift shop nearby where you will be able to get all your typical Irish souvenirs in there.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliff of Moher, also known as the Mother of Cliffs. Words alone can’t do the cliffs much justice, but all I can say is don’t miss out. This was really the highlight of my trip to Ireland, the very reason why I travelled all the way from England to Ireland. This magnificent landscape is a ‘must-see’ when you’re in Ireland. Located in the west of Ireland and a few hours of driving from Dublin, it is definitely worth the trip there. If you do not drive, there are plenty of tours out there that bring you to the cliff.

But seriously, this has got to be one of the most breathtaking spots that I have ever visited in my life. The cliffs stand hundreds of feet above sea level and are coated in a beautiful emerald moss. Look down and you’ll see bright blue water crashing into the sides of the cliffs. Look to the distance and you will see cows grazing in the Irish countryside. Even if you aren’t here on a sunny day, there is still so much beauty to take in that it doesn’t matter.

Given 1.5 hours, I used up every minute and still did not manage to get near to the end of the cliffs. The area is so large that you will spend a significant amount of time just walking around. You have the option to hop over the fence and walk closer to the side (most visitors were doing this). You can also go beyond some of the light fencing that warns you (“enter at your own risk”-kinda thing)—worth going just for the photos.  Not as unsafe as it seems, (if you see the path to the right–you’ll decide to go past that area too.)  There might be a few moments where your heart is in your mouth, but is worth it for a quick photo. You can still take a great photo while standing several feet away from the edge.

All in all, the Cliff of Moher is definitely a must go and I felt the tour was worth every single penny. If you’re in Ireland and you do not see the cliffs of Moher, then you would have missed out.

If you are interested in the tour I booked, more information can be found at – Paddywagon Tours

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